Musik Robert von Heeren
Photocredit Stefan Geyer, Background and Composition: Robert von Heeren


Music Robert von Heeren: Piano recordings

Listen to my recordings for classical piano on Soundcloud, login not required!
If you press the play button in the cover, you will hear the tracks of the album one after the other in the intended order. But you can also listen to individual tracks in the track list below the cover, just click on the track.
To pause the playback, simply click on the track again. If you click on »Show track« during playback, a new window will open where you can continue listening to the track on Soundcloud. There you can comment and share the track. All tracks are in CD quality (44Khz/16bit).
Have fun listening!
Robert von Heeren
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My introductions into the following four double albums

My English introduction

RobertvonHeeren ˇ SoundCloud-Channel - Welcome and introduction by Robert von Heeren


My new Debussy-Album (currently not available on CD)

Robert von Heeren ˇ Claude Debussy: Romantic & impressionistic piano works


My new Liszt album (currently not available on CD)

RobertvonHeeren ˇ Franz Liszt: Little light and dark piano gems


Music double albums by Robert von Heeren

All of the following pieces were originally published as Double-CDs on with a comprehensive English booklet. These CDs are out of sale there. I have a few remaining double-CDs. If you are interested to purchase one or several of them, please contact me via email-adress in the imprint.

RobertvonHeeren ˇ Robert Schumann - Album for the Young op. 68 - No. 1 - 34 - Part 1

RobertvonHeeren ˇ Robert Schumann-Album for the Young op. 68-No. 35-43+Supplement-Scenes from Childhood op. 15-Part 2


RobertvonHeeren ˇ Tchaikovsky & Grieg: Album for Children op. 39 & Children's Pieces - EG 103 - Part I

RobertvonHeeren ˇ Génari Karganoff - Youth Album op. 25 & 21, Excerpts from Miniatures & Aquarelles - Part II


RobertvonHeeren ˇ Dream Journey - Special Edition 2022 - Part I

RobertvonHeeren ˇ Dream Journey - Special Edition 2022 - Part II


RobertvonHeeren ˇ Béla Bartók - For Children Sz. 42 (revised edition) - Part I

RobertvonHeeren ˇ Béla Bartók - For Children - Part II, Easy & Little Piano Pieces & Alfredo Casella Pezzi Infantili