Musik Robert von Heeren
Photocredit Stefan Geyer, Background and Composition: Robert von Heeren


Music Robert von Heeren: Piano recordings

Listen to my recordings for classical piano on Soundcloud (see also below)
If you click on »Show track« during playback, a new window will open where you can continue listening to the track on Soundcloud. There you can comment and share the track. All tracks are in CD quality (44 Khz/16 bit).
Have fun listening!

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NEW: All albums und tracks are now available for streaming and download on my Bandcamp profile as WAV-Files in Original-CD-Quality for purchase! So you can create your own album.

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Robert von Heeren


My introductions into the following four double albums

My English introduction

RobertvonHeeren ˇ SoundCloud-Channel - Welcome and introduction by Robert von Heeren


My new Karganoff album: 12 Arabesques, op.6

Robert von Heeren ˇ Génari Karganoff - 12 Arabesques, op. 6

My Karganoff album: Album Lyrique, 12 works, op. 20

Robert von Heeren ˇ Génari Karganoff: Album Lyrique, op. 20


My Schumann album with some rarely recorded piano pieces

Robert von Heeren ˇ Robert Schumann: Various little piano pieces


My new Debussy-Album (currently not available on CD)

Robert von Heeren ˇ Claude Debussy: Romantic & impressionistic piano works


My new Liszt album (currently not available on CD)

RobertvonHeeren ˇ Franz Liszt: Little light and dark piano gems


Music double albums by Robert von Heeren

All of the following pieces were originally published as Double-CDs on with a comprehensive English booklet. These CDs are out of sale there. I have a few remaining double-CDs. If you are interested to purchase one or several of them, please contact me via email-adress in the imprint.

RobertvonHeeren ˇ Robert Schumann - Album for the Young op. 68 - No. 1 - 34 - Part 1

RobertvonHeeren ˇ Robert Schumann-Album for the Young op. 68-No. 35-43+Supplement-Scenes from Childhood op. 15-Part 2


RobertvonHeeren ˇ Tchaikovsky & Grieg: Album for Children op. 39 & Children's Pieces - EG 103 - Part I

RobertvonHeeren ˇ Génari Karganoff - Youth Album op. 25 & 21, Excerpts from Miniatures & Aquarelles - Part II


RobertvonHeeren ˇ Dream Journey - Special Edition 2022 - Part I

RobertvonHeeren ˇ Dream Journey - Special Edition 2022 - Part II


RobertvonHeeren ˇ Béla Bartók - For Children Sz. 42 (revised edition) - Part I

RobertvonHeeren ˇ Béla Bartók - For Children - Part II, Easy & Little Piano Pieces & Alfredo Casella Pezzi Infantili